Hey there!

You already know I love photography, but I thought I would share some other fun facts about myself so you can get in to know me even more. I pride myself on being a small town girl. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve cool summer nights gathered around a bonfire with my friends. Growing up I was always known as the shy kid. It wasn't until college, when I started to come out of my shell a little more. Now, being outgoing is a huge part of my job as a photographer. I love getting my clients to laugh and open up. If you were to ask my friends they would describe me as loyal, caring, determined, and a huge animal and nature lover.

I found my love for photography after taking nature pictures with my iPod. My boyfriend believed in my potential so much as a photographer that he brought me my first real camera for Christmas one year. I started practicing portrait photography until one day an old friend reached out who was getting married and asked me if I would be willing to take boudoir photos for her. My interest for boudoir was already sparked at the time. I got so excited and told her that I would. She then, fell in love with the end result and I felt I found my calling.

Boudoir is by far my favorite form of photography. I get to watch women who were nurtured in a poor society to hate their bodies see their bodies in a positive light for the first time. I love seeing the pure joy in their eyes when they see their photos followed by the empowerment they feel walking out the door after their session. That empowerment and confidence that they now, can take into their work place, relationships, and their everyday lives. That feeling of empowerment and confidence is priceless.