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"This is my second time working with KJ and I plan on more! She made me feel so comfortable with myself and is beyond talented! She made my experience so fun and easy going. I can’t wait to go back for more! ❤️ Just seeing the previews I had tears, it is such an empowering thing!!"

"KJ is the absolute best when it comes to boudoir photo shoots. She makes you feel so comfortable and confident during the whole experience. She was my hard core hype girl and I appreciated it so much. 😂❤️ To top it off - the makeup and photos were perfect! Highly recommend."

"WOW!!! Words cannot even begin to describe what an incredible experience this session was. From the moment I walked in the door, KJ made me feel so comfortable. Never once did I feel self conscious. KJ is such an incredible photographer and Kenzie assists seamlessly. They both hype you up so you feel like the queen you are! Thank you both from the bottom of my heart! The photos are so incredible, and I am so grateful!"

You are a work of art...

You deserve to be celebrated and to feel loved. The way you are talking to your body is not a way you would talk to your friend, your daughter, or a loved one, so why are you being so rude towards yourself? I am not going to sugar coat it. Loving yourself is an uphill battle. Somedays you feel great about yourself. Somedays you want to cover up, stay at home, and hide away from the world and its opinions of you. It can feel debilitating. I get it. I have been there.

However, I don't want to see you stuck in this loop any longer. I want you to be able to have love to give to yourself even on your worst days because you, my friend, are a powerful force of nature.

You have survived 100% of your worst days.

Some of you have lost some of the people that you have loved dearly.

Some of you have gone through some pretty tough break ups or abusive relationships.

Some of you have been suffering through mental health for far too long.

I see you and I am so proud of you!

You are worth being celebrated, loved, and having a space where you feel accepted just as you are. I want you to feel at home in your body instead of constantly being at war with yourself. I want you to have boudoir photos where even on your bad body positive days, you can stop scrolling through social media on your phone, go to a room in your house, open up your boudoir album with all of the beautiful photos you have of yourself, and think to yourself, "I am beautiful just as I am" and bring yourself back to reality.




This woman! If you need a hype woman she is it! From the moment I walked into the studio KJ and make up artist Kenzie did nothing but encourage me, cheer me on, and allow me to be comfortable and be myself through out the entire boudoir photoshoot. I ordered a picture album and wall print and both came out fabulous! KJ not only does awesome work but just the over all communication was as if talking to a friend. She makes each photo shoot and experience personal for each client.

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Wisconsin Boudoir Photography Experience

Hello Friends!

My name is KJ! I am the photographer behind the camera who fell in love with empowering women so much that I gave up my acceptance into a doctorate program for chiropractic to become a full time Wisconsin boudoir photographer. I wanted to be a chiropractor to change lives and I fell in love along the way with changing my boudoir client's lives. I was giving them their power back and making them feel loved and accepted in a world that was telling them otherwise.

In a world where you are judged, no matter what you do, do what makes you happy. Go ahead, wear the crop top, wear the lingerie, or wear the turtleneck sweater if that's what makes you happy. Whatever you do, just make sure it is for YOU!

What is boudoir about?

Boudoir is more than "sexy photos." Boudoir is about feeling good in your own skin just as it is, falling in love with yourself, trying something completely new and stepping into your power. You don't need the "perfect body" to do a boudoir photoshoot. Your body is perfect because it is yours. You and your body alone has been through all of your hardships, your life changes whether that be a bad break up or celebration of bringing another life into this world. You body is worth honoring through all it has gone through and had to endure thus far, my friend.

You are probably thinking... "I don't know how to pose myself"

Good news! You don't have to know how to pose yourself. As an experienced Wisconsin boudoir photographer, I will pose you from head to toe so you do not have to worry about a thing! My clients always tell me how much they appreciate how I get into every pose first before having them do it.

Why choose ME?

After deciding to give up my doctorate degree to pursue boudoir photography full time, I now invest most of my income back into my education. I have traveled all across the US to learn from the best in the industry. That is not something every boudoir photographer can say. When choosing your photographer you want to make sure they are trained in their craft. I have been trained on how to highlight all of your favorite features, and also how to keep every client feeling safe and comfortable during their Wisconsin boudoir experience.

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As a Wisconsin boudoir photographer, my work is primarily done out of my boudoir studio in downtown Hudson, WI. However, because of my location directly off of I-94, I am only a short 20-minute drive from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in Minnesota.