Boudoir can cause symptoms of confidence, self love, and empowerment.

Girl, your confidence is priceless! Boudoir helps you improve the relationships in your life, your work, and overall well being. How you carry yourself shapes how your partner sees you, how your family and friends see you, how your coworkers see you, but most importantly, how YOU see you. I am not kidding when I tell you that boudoir is a life changing experience, because it changes every aspect of your life in a positive way.

As a Wisconsin boudoir photographer, my favorite time to book a boudoir session for myself is when I feel like I'm lacking confidence about my body. "Why is that," you might ask. It's because I knew that's when I needed a boudoir experience the most! I know by booking a boudoir photoshoot I'm investing in my self worth!

Just like you go to school to practice and study to learn a new topic, you have to practice and learn how to love your body when you have grown up in a society where the world has constantly told you not to. You have to make that first step and invest in yourself to gain that confidence to practice that positive self love talk and learn to love yourself again (or maybe for the first time ever). Let me help you feel like the queen that I already know you are and take that first step on your self love journey!


“As someone with body positivity issues, I could not believe how comfortable and beautiful KJ made me feel immediately. KJ made the environment so fun, and they hyped me up the whole time. She did a great job at showing me all the poses beforehand, which was awesome as I’ve never done boudoir before. I was always asked for consent before I was touched to adjust my pose.”

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Boudoir Packages


  • To book your session a $350 (plus tax) non refundable down payment is due to book your date and time. This payment goes towards the overall cost of your photoshoot.
  • Packages start at $1,000 and the average client spends about $2,500.
  • I understand that boudoir can be an investment that is why I offer interest free pre-monthly payment plans. Payments must be fully paid off before your shoot, so booking in advance is always a good idea.

The Tease

- 2 hour experience
-Hair and Makeup
- 1-2 outfit changes
- Posing Coach
- 12 professionally edited digital photos

Contact me for prices

The Baddie

- 3 hour experience
-Hair and Makeup
- 2-3 outfit changes (access to the client closet)
-Posing Coach
- 25 professionally edited digital photos
- 8x8 Album (10 favorite photos inside)

Contact me for prices

The Bombshell

- 3 hour experience with hair and makeup
- 2-3 outfit changes (access to the client closet)
- 35 professionally edited digital photos
-Any session add-on included
- 10x10 Album (double thick, 20 photos)
- 16x20 Wall Print (or different option-ask me)

Contact me for prices

The Royal Treatment

- 4 hour experience with hair and makeup
- 3-5 outfit changes (access to the client closet)
- 50 professionally edited digital photos
-Any 2 session add-ons included
- 10x10 Album (triple thick, 30 photos)
- 20x24 Wall Print (or different option-ask me)

Contact me for prices

Couples Boudoir Photos

I only work with returning clients who want to do couples shoots. Please understand that this is for the safety of myself and my hair and makeup artist. Feel free to contact me directly with further questions. Thank you!

Session Add-On Options

Wet Set

This is one of the most popular sets we offer and one of the photographer's personal favorites. These wet sets are such a steamy look!

Bondage Set

We offer a variety of bondage set options for you to spice up your session with. Feel free to send us a message to ask us about this further.

Honey Set

Add a little sweetness to your session with a honey set! If you are looking for something unique and sexy this one is for you queen!

Neon Set

If you want to add some color to your session and do something a little different this is perfect for you!

Paint Set

This session takes place where we lay a canvas on the floor so we do not ruin the floor and then I get you all messy with some paint (this must take place towards the end of your session). Clients have a lot of fun with this session! However, keep in mind you might need to go home and take a shower after your session haha!

Body Jewelry

Who doesn't want to feel like royalty? Body jewelry pieces will have you feeling like the queen that you are! You can go nude with body jewelry or pair it on top of some cute lingerie.

Shower Set

This is a bigger add-on price and is NOT included in the packages with add-ons EXCEPT The Royal Treatment Package. This set takes time to set up but it is so00 worth it! These photos come straight out of your hot and steamy shower fantasy!

The shower set is located outside so it is based on the weather and is only open after Memorial Day and before Labor Day.

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