No, not at all! It can be our little secret! ;)

do you photograph plus size women?

Yes, I photograph women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and ages (must be 21 or older). All body types are welcomed into the studio!

How many photos do we get?

It depends on which package you choose. You can find what packages I offer on my website under "experience."

Can you Photoshop my waist and Stretch marks?

No, I will not photoshop your body at all. Boudoir is about learning to accept and fall in love with the body you already have. I believe you are beautiful just the way you are and I pose you in flattering poses to accentuate the wonderful body you already have.
I do use a skin softener but I don't like to take away from "you." I want you to look at that photo later and go, "Wow! That photo is 100% me as I am."

What If I don't know how to pose?

That is my job! I will pose you from head to toe. I will help you with your facial expressions, how to place your hands, and how to pose your body.

Whats your turn around time?

It takes me about 15 days business days to edit your photos. Products order and come in the mail. That is why I recommend booking at least two months in advance. If you are on a shorter time line, please reach out to me. There might be a chance we can work something out.

How do I book with you?

You can go to "book with me" here on my website and fill out the contact form. I will send you an email after that. We will then, find time in both of our schedules that works to have your shoot.

Where are you located?

I am located in downtown Hudson, Wisconsin at my very own studio. I do not travel anywhere else. However, I have had clients from other states in the US travel to me and it is always an honor.

If I need these photos by a certain date how far should I book out?

We should find time at least two or three months ahead of time (However, if you are now reaching out last minute ask me. Maybe we can make something work). The sooner the better is always best. Especially, if you are a bride it can be easy to be extremely busy two to three months before, your wedding so that is why I recommend the sooner the better. This also gives you the flexibility to be on a smaller payment plan ahead of time.

Should I tan before my session?

No, please to do not tan right before your session. Tan lines are not always possible to take out in photos.
However, if you must get a tan of some sort. I recommend a spray tan by the only women I trust, Dee's Spray Tan in Lakeland, MN. Tell her you have a boudoir photoshoot and she has to get in between your cheeks and everything. You must follow her after care instructions religiously.

What should I wear?

I recommend dark or deep colored lingerie with the exception of white, blush pink (not bright neon pink), and red. I do offer a choice of lingerie that you can wear for your session upon request with certain packages. Otherwise, Lounge, Playful Promises, Victoria Secret, Curvy Kate, Honey Birdette, or Shein can be places where you can find lingerie. Feel free to ask me any questions on where the best places are to shop for your body type and budget.